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About this package: Vishwakarma is one of the demigods who is associated with the process of building beautiful palaces for the Supreme Lord, Sri Hari and the demigods. As per Srimad Bhagwatam (10.69.7-8), in the city of Dvārakā was a beautiful private quarter worshiped by the planetary rulers. Th . . .Read more
The prayers each day are significantly different from one another. Each prayer is performed for each the forms of Devi Durga which she had adopted in battle. The ingredients that are used for the separate prayers are given below: Five type of grains or "Pancha Shashya", five things obtained from a c . . .Read more
100% Pure Natural Herbal Gulaal (Abeer) 5 Different Herbal Gulaal Pack ( RED, PINK, GREEN, ORANGE, YELLOW) of 150 gms. All contents packed inside a multi-utility plastic box for future use. 170 + water baloons . . .Read more
Lord SatyaNarayana is another form of Lord Vishnu, usually worshipped on a full moon day of the month. Contents of Satyanarayan puja kit: Satyanaryan photo Satyanaryan Pooja Book Gangajal-50ml [Holy water] Gomutra-25ml [Cow urine] Itra-3ml [Fragrance oil] Honey-small bottle [Madhu] Incense -10 stick . . .Read more
The Saraswati Puja Samagri Kit contains all essential dashakarma items required for worshipping devi Saraswati. ITEMS INCLUDED: 1. Siddhi 2. Sindoor 3. Haritaki 4. Kala Til 5. Pancha Sasya 6. Pancha Ratna 7. Pancha Guri 8. Abeer 9. Tir Kathi 10. Lal & Sada suta 11. Metal Ghot 12. Cotton Wicks 13 . . .Read more